Thursday, 26 July 2012

Report on new test from the Genographic Project / Family Tree DNA

Debbie Kennett administrator of the Devon DNA Project (the county) and the Cruwys DNA Project has put together a great summary of the forth coming ancestry test developed by the Genographic Project and Family Tree DNA. The test looks at markers from Y-DNA, mtDNA as well as autosomal DNA and will complement tests currently available at FTDNA.

It looks as though this test will be a replacement for the Y-DNA 'deep clade' currently used for deep ancestry. This is an exciting development for those of us interested in deeper ancestry and time frame when surnames were becoming adopted and hereditary.

Indications are that you will be able to purchase and link the product to your FTDNA account, so hold fire on ordering direct if you have a Family Tree DNA account until this is clarified.

Debbie also weighs up how the test might impact on other companies such as Ancestry and 23andMe.
Cruwys news: Ancestry SNPs galore: Today sees the launch of  Geno 2.0, an exciting new DNA test which marks phase two of the  Genographic Project...
With thanks to Debbie for putting together such a comprehensive blog.

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