Other DNA Projects

When the Scottish DNA Project (Scottish Clans) started in 2001 there were very few clan, family or surnames projects running.  Thankfully the situation is now much healthier with new projects starting nearly every other week. 

In order to help promote the many Scottish orientated projects and give easier access to their websites we are compiling a list on this page.  Many thanks to my friend Chris Halliday who runs the Halliday Clan DNA Project who has very kindly supplied many of the following links. 

Do please drop us an email at scottishdna@strath.ac.uk if you find any broken links.

Clan, family and surname projects
ABERNATHY  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/abernathy                          
ADAMSON  http://www.adamsonancestry.com/

NORMANITE Family Finder Project http://www.familytreedna.com/public/normanite  connecting descendants of followers of the Reverend Norman McLeod > North of Scotland to Pictou and St Ann's in Nova Scotia, Canada, and ultimately to Waipu, New Zealand]

SUTHERLAND  http://www.sutherlanddnaproject.com/

Haplogroup and sub-clade projects - a work in progress

An older list can be found on our project website at http://www.scottishdna.net/projects.html