Monday, 20 May 2013

Haplogroup R1b marker L1335

The is now a project for marker L1335 (also known as S530) a branch of haplogroup R1b at Family Tree DNA administered by Robert Hughes

This SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is a marker which notates the group commonly known as STR47-Scots or the 'Scots Cluster'.  The marker is found particularly in western Scotland, but also as far north as the Orkney Islands and Sutherland.  There is also a cluster emerging in Wales.  The results page can be found here

You can see where L1335 fits in the bigger picture of Haplogroup R1b via this diagram produced by the chaps in the R1b-P312 Haplogroup and Subclades Y DNA group at Yahoo.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Caithness and Sutherland DNA Project

A new project has been launched covering the counties of Caithness and Sutherland hosted by Family Tree DNA.

The project is open to both males and females who have a direct lineage back to the above areas on their paternal or maternal side.  The project also takes results for individuals who have taken the Family Finder test and who have ancestors from Caithness or Sutherland.

The name Caithness is derived primarily from a tribal rather than a place name and appears to have been given to the indigenous people in question, 'the Cats' by their Celtic-speaking neighbours.   (Ref: Professor Bill Nicoliasen in, Baldwin, John. R. ed. (1982) Caithness - A Cultural Crossroads. Edinburgh: Scottish Society for Northern Studies).

Caithness was originally named Katanes by the Norsemen, meaning 'headland of the cats'.  The lands south of the Ord of Caithness were later designated Sudrland by the Norse (the southern part of Katanes) whilst the area west of lowland Caithness was referred to in the Norse sagas as the 'Dales' of Caithness (Dalir).

It has been argued that the 'province' of Strathnaver likely equates to these 'dales' and should be seen as part of the earldom lands of Caithness.  (See: Baldwin, John. R. ed. (2000) The Province of Strathnaver. Edinburgh: Scottish Society for Northern Studies).

The project will cover that part of north-eastern Scotland inhabited by 'the Cats', namely present day Caithness (Katanes), Sutherland (Sudrland) and the 'Dales' (Dalir) which equates with the Diocese of Caithness in the Middle Ages.

If your lineage in the direct line comes from these counties please participate via the join link at the top of the project page